Hangover IV ( Reboot)


Are you feeling fatigued after partying last night? It is common for the human body to dehydrate during hangovers, requiring an external agent to replenish your body quickly. Reboot IV Infusion offered by Rejuv Health Spa, so you can soon get over these hangover symptoms. Relieve the headache, Nausea, and dehydration by getting this Infusion today.

Benefits of Hangover IV Infusion Kit
Apart from reducing nausea and rehydrating your body, this Infusion helps you detox and restore essential nutrients into your bloodstream. Concurrently, it helps to reduce fatigue and inflammation, making you much more rejuvenated and healthier.

What is Inside the Reboot IV Infusion Kit?
Ondansetron: A medication that has been used to relieve nausea.
B Complex: B Complex Vitamins are vital for blood cells and skin health. Plus, they ensure that nutrients can be transformed into energy by your cells easily.
Minerals: A rich blend of Essential substances helps the body develop and run as it should


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